My name is Emily Wolfe and I live in a small town in southern Ohio with my husband, Johnny, and our daughter Gracie. By day, I am a medical coder, by night, a scrapbooker. Together, my husband and I have built a zoo – one dog (Ruby) and three cats (Boo + Lucy + Chewie.) We are busy and our house is chaos, but we love every minute of it.

Since I was a little girl, I have been writing and taking photos. It all started with a little diary with kittens on the front cover. It was one of those ones with a cheap lock on the front that came with two little keys. I thought I was super cool, when in reality, all it would have taken was a pair of scissors to discover all my secrets. And those secrets were BIG!  I used to write about how much my brother and my cousin annoyed the daylights out of me and how mean my mom was. The terrible plights of youth.

I started taking photos with a disposable camera. I remember my first photo album was a Mickey Mouse album and I still have it in a box in my parent’s basement. I took a lot of photos of my cat, Simba. Ah, the good ol’ days!

Nowadays I document with Project Life, mostly. I also make random photos books when the mood strikes. I started documenting my life seriously in this way around the time I got engaged to my husband, in August 2012. That’s when I discovered Project Life. I had always wanted to scrapbook but felt overwhelmed by the 12×12 paper and embellishments. The pocket pages were the perfect way for me to start and now I typically use the Project Life app with some Photoshop embellishing thrown in for good measure.

Every day my story grows. Feel free to stick around and enjoy the ride with me.