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This was my first year of doing Week in the Life and I have to say, I really enjoyed the project. I finished on Sunday and I’ve been meaning to write a wrap-up post about my thoughts and opinions on the project, but haven’t gotten around to it until now. So, without further ado, here goes.

I have been an active member of the Project Life and scrapbooking community for almost four years now, so I had heard of Ali’s Week in the Life project before. I never wanted to participate, because it seemed like such a huge undertaking and I felt like my day to day life was too boring. A lot has happened in my life since September 2012 when I discovered Project Life,  but my day to day life is not nearly as exciting.

Week in the Life Friday

I got engaged in August 2012, so my first ever Project Life page was about that. My husband and I got married in September 2013. I gave birth to our daughter in August 2014. Life itself has NOT been boring since I discovered Project Life. But, throughout all of that (minus my maternity leave), I’ve been working a nine-to-five job for 40 hours a week. I work as a medical coder for a local hospital, but I work at home, except when I have to go in for meetings a few times a month. Do you know how exciting it is for me to photograph myself in my house, in my pajamas, with no bra on, for forty hours a week? Not very! 😂

So I never had the urge to participate in WITL before. But this year, something clicked. My daughter is three months shy from being two years old. She is active and has interests and even though our daily life is very similar from day to day, when I break it down, every day we have small adventures. Seeing life through her eyes is an adventure.

Week in the Life Wednesday

And I realized that this time next year, our adventures are going to look very different. We will probably be living in  different house. We bought land and are planning to start building a house sometime late this summer or early fall. We want to have another baby soon, so I might be pregnant at that point, or possibly even have a newborn. Gracie (our daughter) will be three months shy of THREE at that point, which just absolutely blows my mind. Life is going to look a WHOLE lot different in a year. And won’t it be fun to compare the years?

I mean, imagine this…. Twenty-three years from now… I am 53-years-old, sitting at my dining room table with years of Week in the Life albums piled around me. My daughter is getting married in three days and I am going through our WITL albums from when she was a toddler, in third grade,, graduating high school, etc. Reminiscing. Years and years of memories spilling out around me while happy tears spill down my cheeks.

Can you imagine? The value in that is just… inexplicable. Having weeks of my life to look back on, from year to year, to see my daughter grow, to see my own growth… It would be a gift.

Week in the Life Friday

Now, I am not making any promises that I am going to do WITL for ever and ever. Maybe I won’t even do it every year (though I definitely will next year!) But having those glimpses into the past, from what a week looked like when I was 29, when I was 35, when I was 42, when I was 50? That would be amazing. Something to cherish forever.

And when I am old and grey and developing dementia, I really hope Gracie will hand me one of those albums, and say, “Look at this, Mama. Do you remember?”

That is why I do Project Life. That is why I started Week in the Life. That is why I scrapbook. It’s a gift I am giving to myself and to my family for years and years to come.

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Oh, and also, I recently opened up a tiny little shop on Etsy with some Photoshop brushes and PNG files (which you can upload to the Letterglow app and use on your iPhone if you’re into the Project Life iPhone app!) The current brushes I have are perfect for the Week in the Life project. I am also in the process of adding more products. I’d love to see you there! Thanks everyone!


  1. OMG, i welled up, I’ll admit it when I got to this: “I mean, imagine this…. Twenty-three years from now… I am 53-years-old, sitting at my dining room table with years of Week in the Life albums piled around me. My daughter is getting married in three days…” This fictional moment in your far off future tugs at my feelings of wanting to be where I’m at right now for as long as possible – young kids, feet pitter pattering down the hall, excitement over trips for ice cream cones, yada yada, yada. And I’m glad that I will have my scrapbooks to remember everything.

    • admin

      May 31, 2016 at 8:54 PM

      I am glad, as well. For all of us scrapbookers. What awesome memories to have to hold in our hands! 🙂

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