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Motherhood Is…

Motherhood is… that moment they lay your baby on your chest and the cumulation of nine months of joy, fear, and love come crashing down to one solitary moment of overwhelming gratitude. Yes. Finally. Thank you, God.

Motherhood is… that seemingly never-ending black hole of hormones and exhaustion that drive you through the first months of your child’s life.

Motherhood is… rocking your baby in the dark, hoping and praying they will fall asleep, yet being so very thankful to have that moment written into all of the moments of your life.

Motherhood is… the pure joy that courses through you when your child laughs for the first time. It’s the sound you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

Motherhood is… that clutch of fear in your throat that cuts off your air supply when your child stumbles and falls, when they bump their head, or break their arm.

Motherhood is… the musical sound of the word “mama” and the thrill it brings.

Motherhood is… the sweat that runs down your neck as you chase your toddler all over creation, exhausted and embarrassed by their behavior.

Motherhood is… the angry frustration of dealing with a headstrong child who willfully and repeatedly disobeys and outplays you.

Motherhood is… the bone-deep guilt that comes from doing something wrong; anything wrong. Your child deserves better than you can give.

Motherhood is… the patience that comes from the bottom of your soul; a patience you didn’t know you possessed. Some days it’s missing, disappeared from your world, but mostly, no one else has the patience for them the way you do.

Motherhood is… the warmth that spreads through you when your child wraps their arms around your neck and murmurs “mama” into your skin.

Motherhood is… the tiger that roars inside of you when you have to defend your child, when you have to stand up for them and be their savior, their protector, their fighter.

Motherhood is… the never-ending laughter that spreads joy throughout your life, the laughter that comes from knowing the funniest human beings on the planet: your children.

Motherhood is… the complete and utter pride that fills you up when your child accomplishes something great; from those first steps to that first good report card to a kind gesture they perform for another being. You can’t believe you made that.

Motherhood is… love.

What is motherhood to you? Leave me a comment letting me know!

Emily’s Weekly Favorites #4

Hello all! Welcome back to my Weekly Favorites – a post that goes up every Saturday highlighting my favorite links, videos, and blog posts of the week.  This week’s list has a little something for everyone; I hope you enjoy!

*This post contains affiliates links, which means if you purchase something  through some of these links, I will get a small commission. It doesn’t cost you a penny!*

So, without further ado, my weekly favorites!

01 The One Thing You Must Do to Every Image Uploaded to Your Blog

02  If you are looking to do some reviews on your blog to make some money, this post has some great insight into doing that. Lots of suggestions for different sites to use.

03  This comic about adopting older cats made my heart happy.

04  I want to try these cookies.

05  I really like this brand of dry shampoo, but I am totally interested in trying this DIY recipe.

06  I really want to try this unique “cake”.

07  I love this little guy. I want to snuggle him.

08  I have the opposite of a green thumb, but I LOVE this DIY fairy planter.

09 If you want to start blogging, I highly recommend checking out this website called The Nectar Collective. The tagline reads, “Improve your life, your blog, and your business. We’ll show you how.” I watched a free webinar from them today and it had SO many good tips. Check them out!

Helpful Tips for Catching Up on Project Life

Today I thought I would share some helpful tips with you on how to catch up on your Project Life albums. The beauty of the Project Life system is that it can be super simple and super fast. Sometimes we make it more difficult than it needs to be, but Becky Higgins’ true intent with the Project Life system was to simplify the process of scrapbooking.

*This post contains affiliate links – which means I may make a small commission if you purchase anything through the links.

So here are some of my tips on catching up!

1. Get organized!

In my opinion, this is the most important step in the process of catching up. It’s probably the longest step, too, so start strong, my friends!

The first thing I do when I get behind is to open my album and see what the last page I scrapped was. I take note of the date and then I open my phone, find that date, and start from there. Most of the photos I take are on my phone, but I do have some on my camera, and I will talk about how I handle that in a minute. I always start with my phone, because that’s where most of the action takes place.

For a real life example, right now, I am almost two months behind on my Project Life album. The last thing I scrapped was a page of my little girl and I reading books together on February 7th. (As I am writing this, it is March 23rd.) Now that I know what date I am starting with, I go into my camera roll on my phone, go back to February 8th, and start scrolling through the pictures until I find something I want to scrapbook about.


The date and time the photo was taken is displayed at the top of the screen.

Once I find something I want to scrap, I write down the date and a brief description of what the event is. Then I move on and keep scrolling through the photos. When I come to the next thing, I stop, write it down, and then keep going. I do this until I have a full list on my phone through the current date.

After that, I load my SD card from my camera onto my laptop (my Macbook has a SD card reader built into it), open my Pictures folder, and start creating folders for each date of photos I have on my SD card. It looks something like this:

pictures folder on a macbook

I have done this for YEARS. It’s a great way to organize your photos, period, regardless of whether you are going to scrap them or not. I highly recommend this system.

I copy the photos from the SD card to the computer, then add the ones I want to scrap to my list (date & brief description.) I keep this list on my iPhone 6s+ in the Notes app, but you can do this step however you like. Use pen & paper, use your Bullet Journal, use Microsoft Word or Excel, or whatever program you have and like to use. Do whatever is THE EASIEST for you. Keep it simple!

This is how I organize my list and what it looks like in my notes.

iphone iCloud notes

Once I scrap the actual page, I move the event under “NEED TO PRINT” and then once I do print it, I move it up to “DONE.” I print at home on my Canon Pixma iP8720. You could also just delete the event or cross it off your list. I usually leave it on my list just for a little while so I can refer to it if need be.

Another thing I do once I have my full list, is go back and add page numbers – how many pages I think an event is going to take. I do this because I want my album to fit together, like a puzzle. Some events might take a full two-page spread, some just one page. Some events might even take up more, like you can see here for our Florida trip.

iphone iCloud notes

Because I scrap like this, sometimes I may have a two page spread next to a one page spread and things aren’t going to fit together, so I have to do a little finagling. I will either add some of my daughter’s artwork, or maybe take one photo I really love and make it a full 12×12 image to use as a standalone layout. It just kind of depends on what I have to work with – I play around and make it fit together.

If you have any questions on how to organize your photos to ready them for scrapping, please ask me. I would be happy to help or explain things further.

2. Use the Project Life app!

Now, I know some of you aren’t app scrappers. You like using physical product and that is absolutely fine! In fact, I miss it myself sometimes. But the simple fact is, it’s faster to scrap on your phone. It’s quick and easy and if the name of the game is to get caught up… then, I recommend using the app.

That doesn’t mean you have to switch and use the app all the time. It is your album, you can do whatever you want. And if you’re all caught up using physical product? Well then keep on keeping on, my friend! Why fix what isn’t broken? But if you’re like me and you don’t have a lot of free time and you want to just get the memories into the album so you can enjoy them in the future, then just do it. Use the app.

Are you worried that your book won’t look cohesive? That you can’t have physical pages mixed up with app pages? SURE YOU CAN! I have done it before. It’s easy… Just do it! The thing is… in twenty years, when you, or your grown children, go back and look at your album, do you think anyone is going to care about how cohesive your album is? Are they even going to look at the embellishments or scrapbooking cards? Probably not nearly as much as they will look at the photos and read the journaling. They aren’t going to be looking at these albums to look at a masterpiece – no! They are going to be looking at the memories.

So if you’re behind, and you just want to catch up, USE THE APP! I give you permission to mix and match your pages. Because I am clearly the authority on this subject matter. 😉

3. Stick to one kit per layout.

If you are one of those Project Lifers who only uses one kit per album, then move along, sister! You are already doing things the simplest way possible! Pat yourself on the back and skip this step.

If you’re like me, and you like using multiple kits throughout an album, then listen up. It will take you less time to make a layout if you stick to one kit at a time. Pick one kit and stick to it for that layout. Pick one font and stick to it. The kits are designed to match the other cards in the same kit, so just stick with one and you’ll spend less time looking for cards that match.

Less time searching = more pages made!

And if you want to go really crazy, just use one kit for the entire album. For example, Becky Higgins has designed the 2015 and 2016 Project 52 editions specifically for that purpose. It’s not my cup of tea to do things that way, I like the variety of multiple kits, but if you’re into that, GO FOR IT. Make your life simpler.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others!

This one is short and sweet. Stop comparing your scrapbooking pages to other people’s scrapbooking pages. Like I said before, what’s the most important part of scrapbooking? Getting it done! Your children and grandchildren will appreciate that the photos you took and memories you made are neatly displayed in an album instead of stashed away in a box somewhere, or worse… on an out-dated computer that you can’t even access anymore.

If you’re stuck or behind because you don’t think your pages are pretty enough or as good as so-and-so’s that you follow on Instagram, I urge you to stop that line of thinking right now and just scrapbook. I promise that in twenty years, you’ll be glad you did.

So! I hope you found these tips on catching up with Project Life to be useful. I promise you can catch up. It can be done – I would know, I’ve done it before!

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